The Nature of Money:
Veriditas & the 11 Money Principles

The nature of money can be seen in Verditas applied to human behaviors with finance.  It shows up in flows of cash & balances of accounts.  Financial statements show your own story of relationship to Source, self and others.

St. Hildegard of Bingen was the first to describe the concept of Veriditas.  She witnessed the physical effect of Source in nature.  Contained within the concept is the Latin root of “truth.” This is very important as it applies to our money today. To infuse finance with truth while recognizing the physical effects we humans have in the world of money is the essence of my purpose.


St. Hildegard witnessed the physical effect of Source in nature as “Veriditas”

Veriditas: The Greening  

The green truth of Veriditas is this:  there is an ever-present energy that blossoms each spring and expands into the Universe.

One way that energy is experienced and expressed is through wealth.

Just as there are natural cycles to life, there is a natural cycle to finances.  No matter where you find yourself in the cycle, trust that you can always access Veriditas.

My goal for you is that you experience a deep sense of Veriditas – the financial peace of mind and the empowerment of the sure knowledge of the abundance available to you.

The 11 Money Principles

Through spiritual study, business and financial courses, and my practice,
I’ve discovered eleven key truths about money and abundance.

1. Veriditas exists. Abundance is always accessible to you.

2. Money is stored energy.

3. Emotions are Energy In Motion.

4. It is possible to shift your relationship with money.

5. When you align your thoughts, feelings and actions
then use your cash flow to support it, money miracles happen.

6. First things first…and believe it or not, You are always first.

7. Money is never the answer, but can be part of the solution.

8 . Live within your means one month at a time
and your net worth will grow.

9.  Numbers are the drumbeat of money management.
Spreadsheets tell me your story.

10. Income statements tell about your relationship with you.
Balance Sheets tell about your relationships with others.

11.  If you want to turbo boost your money situation, Give.
GIV-E — Generate Internal Value — then Extend.