Financial Coaching

Rediscover joy & flow through clarity & conscious action.

Financial coaching is at the heart of what we do. Its purpose is to bring you to financial health so that your thoughts, feelings & actions are in alignment with your money.

The First Meeting

In our first meeting, you and I will find out if I can truly serve you, establish your first goals & start on your Action Plan.

Before our first meeting, email these items:

  • The top three to five financial goals for each person. Put a star next to the one that’s most important to you today. It’s essential that:
    – each person who will be coached sends goals
    – the goals are written rather than told to me verbally, as writing helps with focus & clarity
    – couples or groups not share or discuss it with each other before we meet
  • Your most recent active account statements including checking, savings, credit cards, lines of credit, mortgage, brokerage, retirement accounts, annuities, etc for 1 month.
Then, meet with me in person or via Skype at the place where you do your money tasks.

In Every Meeting


Jasmine in a Skype session with a client.

Each time we meet, we’ll begin with a piece of inspiration and centering. That might be a quote or an angel card.

As we work, we keep in mind the Money Principles.

We use Numbers Maintenance and discussion to review your progress toward your goals. It’s about seeing what’s working, adjusting plan and strategies, and celebrating your victories.

Note: I’m not a financial planner or investment advisor. I can refer you to trusted professionals in those fields if needed.