Numbers Maintenance

Keeping the numbers is tending the soil of your finances.

We offer bookkeeping as a service because it’s a lot like gardening — the dirtiest work and heavy lifting can be hired out.

Keeping the numbers lets you not only reconcile your bank accounts, but also reconciles you to your goals. There are certain things you can learn only through accurate feedback. While feelings are the “hidden” part of financial coaching, numbers are the visible facts.

Whether you keep your numbers, or we keep them for you, each time I meet with you, we’ll need:

  • an accurate monthly cash flow — also called an income statement or profit & loss (P&L)
  • a current balance sheet or net worth statement

Recommended Tools

These are tried-and-true tools we use to work with you. I recommend these tools so often that I am an affiliate for some of them.


Mint.com — A free tool to keep track of your net worth online. Works well for personal finance.



QuickBooks — If you’re an independent professional or run a small business, I recommend QuickBooks.  There’s nothing better in the marketplace at that price point. My experience shows that a full desktop version is far superior to Intuit’s online version.


To give you cloud-based access to your financials, Veriditas uses Novel Aspect / Citrix to host a full desktop version of QuickBooks. This allows you to view your financials anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection. (Your CPA will thank you!) Costs depend on the configuration that best serves you.
Intuit Payroll Service — Full payroll management, including direct-deposit paychecks to yourself / employees, electronic filing of taxes and reports. We can handle this for you, typically at a lower cost than you can do it yourself.
basecampBasecamp — Cloud-based project management. We use this as an online place to store project information, exchange info and discuss, monitor tasks, and keep up with your action plan. If you work with us, you’ll use our Basecamp for free. If you want to use it in your business, we encourage you to check it out. Free for up to 3 projects, about $20 a month for up to 10.
DropboxDropbox — Cloud-based file storage. Free for 10GB, about $10 a month for more space.