The College Students’ Parents: A Client Experience

“How did Jasmine help us?

Simplification. Jasmine helped me to see how hard I was working to keep track of just the day to day transactions. I had too many things going on.

Organization. She literally came in and helped us pare down, label and organization files and business documents. I am not horrible, but there are things I needed to keep that she helped us with. She also helped with really hands-on things, like what to buy and color coding and labeling. I thought it was dumb at first, but I get it now.

She helped both of us see money differently. My spouse took on more responsibility, and now knows our passwords and takes more of an interest in bills and bank statements.

She helped us to create buckets (my word) for the savings versus monthly outflows, so we can see where the money is going.

She helped us use greater confidence in a really positive, non judgmental manner. I’m grateful.”

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